A tall human female with attractive features, a slender build, and an aura of confidence.


Standing as tall as most men, and taller than many, Ataraxia cuts an impressive figure. With her shoulders back and head held high, she will meet anyones gaze with confidence. Her long auburn hair flows around her shoulders like rivers of fire and her mysterious golden eyes are cold and hard, yet seem to hide the fury smouldering within.

She wears expertly crafted scale armor made from the scales of some large creature. Lined with a light colored, soft looking fur, the armor offers excellent protection and doesnt limit mobility. Her gloves and boots are also adorned with the same scales and fur. She wears a long travelers cloak of many different animal hides stitched together. While durable, the craftsmanship of the cloak is a stark contrast to her armor. Around her neck is an amulet with the symbol of Torm etched into it.



Ataraxia comes from a group of semi-nomadic plains people. Her tribe moved with the seasons, but only far enough to secure a fresh hunting ground and would typically return when the seasons changed again. She is the daughter of the tribes High Warrior (personal bodyguard to the Chief). Her father impressed on her the importance of duty, honor, and respect for all… friend and foe. Throughout her childhood, Ataraxia was an avid learner. She would often sit for hours and listen to the tribal elders talk. She would also beg the tribes historian to tell her all the stories he knew. Her thirst for information and learning was only shadowed by her physical prowess. At an early age, she began to train with her father in his role of High Warrior. Combat techniques, observational skills, strength and endurance training were all part of her daily life.

Her calling to become a Cleric of Torm was the result of a vision brought on by the tribes coming of age ritual. Consisting of deep meditation, sleep deprivation, hunger, and even alchemical agents, the ritual can last for days. During the ritual it is said that the spirit leaves the body and travels to another plane. There it is destined to find its own path as well as a spirit guide to aid them. No one discusses what they see in their visions nor do they describe their spirit guides however, after the ritual ended; Ataraxia sought out her father and told him she was leaving the tribe.

Ataraxia traveled to a nearby city that the plains people traded with and found the temple to Torm. Inside, she beseeched the clerics to allow her to train with them and become a follower of Torm and eventually a full Cleric. Due to her father’s influence, her interest and eventual training led her to become a Battle Cleric of Torm. Skilled in both combat and healing, she brought the order of Torm to the battlefields.

More recently, Torm has spoken to Ataraxia and led her to Cauldron. However, his intent was not made clear to her, only her destination. She arrived in town nearly broke and immediately visited the nearest Temple to seek work. She entered the Shrine of Pelor and spoke with the cleric Kristof Jergensen who, hoping to improve his Temples following, tasked her with recovering the missing 8 wands of water control. She was told to meet one other who would accompany her into the catacombs and together they were to locate the wands. However, shortly after entering the catacombs, Ataraxia fell prey to a domination spell and she very nearly killed her companion and stranded herself underground. Were it not for the intervention of another group of travelers sent by another church, all would certainly have been lost. With the spell broken, Ataraxia was a little confused and disoriented; however, this new group of people was on the same quest as she. Deciding to stay with these companions, the Battle Cleric endeavors to complete the task given to her.

Tirelessly she aids her companions…

Silently she watches them.


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