A short-tempered barbarian dwarf bodyguard


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Four foot nine and 220 pounds of dwarven fury.


Cadrus once specialized in personal protection and hired himself out to various factions around Cauldron. He had a brief stint as a mercenary in the past, but didn’t like how, more often than not, he was hired for shady jobs. He turned to personal protection services and advertised himself mainly among the churches and the city guard, hoping to take more honorable jobs.

Several months ago he was hired to search some of the caverns and passages below Cauldron in search of some missing adventurers: an elven ranger, a half-giant warrior and an “odd, skittish little human with a pet frog,” according to Jenya. He was unsuccessful.

Just a few weeks ago heh was hired for another job by Jenya. This time he was to go along as extra muscle, or protection, for a group of adventurers who were to aid in finding the missing wands used to aid the city during flood season. They evidently had minor success in their endeavors, discovering what seems to be an alliance of sorts among some of the more foul of local cults. After their last excursion into an underground cavern the fighter, Aukan, apparently abandoned the group claiming he “wasn’t getting paid enough”. With nothing but a bard and a 15-year-old sorcerer left of the group, it was decided by Jenya that Cadrus would be a suitable replacement for Aukan.

Cadrus did his job well when they returned to the caverns. He took his protective duties seriously and kept his companions out of harm’s way the majority of the time. He even contracted a deadly debilitating disease in the process. Unfortunately, one of his other companions, the questionable warlock Melech, also contracted this disease. Not having near the constitution as the dwarf, Melech did not fare as well. Cadrus and George, the “idiot boy sorcerer” as Cadrus likes to say, were forced to bring Melech back to Cauldron under Jenya’s care.

After returning to the caverns once again, Cadrus was subjected to constant abuse and frustration at the hands of George. “That damnable scale-face nearly got us killed a dozen times!” he yelled after returning some more wands to Jenya.

It was around that time that he decided to stop focusing so much on defending and maybe spend some more time of simply smashing things.

Upon his party’s mostly successful completion of their task, Ringo the changeling bard told Cadrus and the others that he felt his unique bardic talents were not appreciated and “besides, I want go out into the world and learn the name of the wind.”

With yet another adventurer come and gone, Cadrus decided maybe he should contact one of his old friends and see if needed some work…


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